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The E-Learning platform for the worldwide sales team of Modula, where you’ll find all the courses, contents and what you have to know about Modula and its products, the world of Intralogistics, and much more.
The courses will be organized by topics and you will be guided through learning plans, in order to help you on the learning experience.

One of the great advantages of the e-Learning is the total flexibility that you have on the learning activity, since you can do the courses anytime, everywhere and how you want.


Please find below the credential to access at the Modula Academy:

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  • PASSWORD: welcome (you have to change the password after the first login)


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Only when the check turns blue, it means that the courses are completed. In order to continue in the various training courses, all courses must be completed in each of their individual sections. Otherwise the system will not allow you to move forward.


We recommend to do not use Internet Explorer (Google Chrome works fine)